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Language Arts: Mrs. Garcia
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Review: LA 8H Spring Semester Final

End of Year Exam Review LA 8H


  • You will be given a story you have not seen before and will answer questions about it. Some of the questions will be close reading questions, i.e.: analyzing the authors diction, imagery, and use of figurative language.
  • You will have questions over The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Questions will cover:

         The themes we discussed with the novel: allegory about good vs. evil; satire of the American South in 19th century; story about growing up (rites of passage); satire of the institutions of white society; romantic vs. realistic tradition in literature; conflict between rules of society and needs of the individual; conflict between truth and falsehood in human behavior (honesty to harmless or necessary deception to gross hypocrisy); conflict between true nobility and sham of aristocracy

         Character development

         River vs. Shore


       There will be a variety in format for the questions over the short story and Huck Finn. For the short story, there will be multiple choice questions and short answer where you will be expected to blend in textual support (like a mini-expository paragraph). Huck Finn will also have multiple choice and short answer.

       You will also have a poem that will have multiple choice and short answer questions about it. Review how to do a TP-CASTT, and study the tropes and schemes.


Study the following pages in your Language Network workbooks:


q       pronoun-antecedent agreement: pp. 67-69 (green); pp. 115-117 (yellow)


q       indefinite pronoun agreement: pp. 70-72(green); pp. 118-120 (yellow)


q       pronoun problems:  pp. 73-78 (green); pp. 121-122 (yellow)


q       Appositive Phrases: pp. 37-38 (yellow)


q       Participial Phrases: pp. 40-41 (yellow)


q       Gerund Phrases: pp. 43-44 (yellow)


q       Infinitive Phrases: pp. 46-47 (yellow)


q       Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers: pp. 49-50 (yellow)


q       Adjective and Adverb Clauses: pp. 58-60 (yellow)


q       Noun Clauses: pp. 61-62 (yellow)