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Language Arts: Mrs. Garcia
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Review: LA 8 spring semester final

  • You will be given a story you have not seen before and will answer questions about it.


  • You will have questions over Shane. Questions will cover:

         The ideas we discussed with the novel: symbolism of the stump; Shanes inner conflict; hero journey; free will vs. destiny.

         Character development


       There will be a variety in format for the questions over the short story and Shane. For the short story, there will be multiple choice questions and short answer where you will be expected to blend in textual support (like a mini-expository paragraph). Shane will also have multiple choice and short answer.


       You will also have a poem that will have multiple choice and short answer questions about it. Review how to do a TP-CASTT, and study the tropes and schemes.


Study the following pages in your Language Network workbook:


q       Subject complements (predicate noun and predicate adjective): pp. 22-24

(*Know your linking verbs so that you can differentiate between a linking verb and an action verb. See pp. 91-92 of the Language Network textbook)


q       Object complements (direct and indirect objects): pp. 25-27


q       Prepositions/prepositional phrases: 127-132


q       Gerunds and Gerund Phrases: pp. 139-141


q       Participles and Participial Phrases: pp. 142-144


q       Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases: pp. 145-147


Clauses - Dependent and Independent: pp. 148-150

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