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Language Arts: Mrs. Garcia
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LA 8: 1st nine weeks syllabus

Calendar: August 11 to October 6






Aug. 8










11 A


12 B

Introduction to class, guidelines, and procedures

HW: (1) Get guidelines signed (2) Get syllabus signed (3) CEA, p. 176 (Semicolons) Odds (summer reading assignment)

15 A


16 B

                   Get vocab. handout for “pre”  (DUE 8/30)

                   Formulating theme statements for literature

                   Go over behavior contract

HW: (1) Get behavior contract signed (2) Prepare for summer reading test over Fever, 1793 and Edgar Allen Poe stories

17 A


18 B

   Summer Reading Journals DUE

   Summer Reading test

   Review sentence parts

   HW:  (1)  LN: p. 4 (odds); p. 7 (odds); p. 10 (odds); p. 13 (odds)  (2) Bring Edgar Allen Poe book

19 A


22 B

   Review pronouns

   Introduce literary analysis

   Go over Poe stories: analyze tone and symbolism; formulate theme statements

HW:  LN: p. 49 (all); A&B on p. 52 (all); A&B on p. 55 (all)





23 A


24 B

   Review pronouns

   Discuss diction and imagery

   Close reading from “Tell Tale Heart,”  “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and “The Masque of Red Death”

   HW:  LN: A&B on p. 58 (all); A&B on p. 61(all); p. 67 (all); p. 7 0 (all)

25 A


 26 B

   Using vivid verbs

   Analyze diction and imagery in "The Giant Water Bug" by Annie Dillard

   HW:  (1) LN: p. 79 (all); A&B on p. 80 (all); p. 88 (all); p. 100 (all) (2) Complete “Pre” handout  and study for quiz (3) Bring Crafting Expository Argument


29 A


30 B

   Vocab. Quiz: "pre"

   Review linking and action verbs

   Writing to Show: Turning telling sentences into showing sentences

   HW:  (1) Action verbs vs. linking verbs handout (2) Study for verb quiz


31 A


Sep 1 B

   Quiz over action and linking verbs

   Get vocab. handout for “non” (DUE 9/13)

   Writing to Show group work

   HW:  (1) Writing to Show Assignment #1 pp. 42 (or 43-44 for white 4th edition) (2) Get progress report signed


2 A





Labor Day



6 B

   WTS #1 Due

  Review adjectives and adverbs

   Introduction to shared inquiry discussion using "Jack and the Beanstalk"

   HW:  (1) LN: p. 106 (all); p. 115 (all); A on p. 116 (odd); A on p. 122 (all)

7 A


8 B

   Review adj and adv

  Read and annotate “Jack and the Beanstalk”

   HW:  (1) Complete “Non” handout  and study for quiz


9 A



 12 B

  Vocab. Quiz: “Non”

   Review adjectives and adverbs

   Class discussion: “Jack and the Beanstalk”

   HW:  Study for "non" quiz and complete handout

13 A


14 B

   WTS #2 Due

  Get vocab. handout for “uni” (DUE 10/3)

   Review subject complements

  Peer edit WTS #2

  Review theme and characterization

   HW: (1) L.N. pp. 22-23 (all)

15 A


16 B

   Review  subject complements

  Read “The Lady or The Tiger”

   Close reading: analyze diction, imagery and details

   HW:  Subject complement handout


19 A


20 B

   Assign WTS revision (major grade)

   Review object complements

  Discuss the levels of questioning

   “The Dinner Party” : formulate questions

   HW: L.N. – pp. 25-26 (all); p. 215 (all)

21 A


22 B

   Review complements

   Read “Raymond’s Run” and analyze characterization and theme

   HW:  Grammar Review sheet

23 A



26 B

   Grammar Review: parts of speech and complements

   HW:  Study for grammar test


27 A


28 B

   Grammar Test

  Review writing to show

   HW:  WTS revision due next class (major grade)


29 A


30 B

   WTS Revision Due

   Review prepositions

   Read and Discuss ‘The Monkey’s Paw”: plot and theme

   HW: Complete “Uni” handout  and study for quiz


Oct 3 A


4 B

   Vocab. Quiz: “Uni”

   Review prepositions

   Review plot, conflict, irony

   HW:  L.N.: A on p. 127 (all); A on p. 128 (all); p. 130 (all); A on p. 131 (all)

5 A


6 B

   Review plot

   Look at story beginnings

  “Harris Burdick” story starters

   HW:  Plot and sensory details chart for story



Staff Development


Major Grades:                                                                                   

(1) Summer Reading Journals  + Summer Reading Test = 1 major grade                                  

(2) Grammar Test                                                                    

(3) Writing to Show Revision                                                                                                                                       


Quiz Grades:

1) Writing to Show Assignment #1 

(2) Writing to Show Assignment #2

 (3) Quizzes for “pre,” “non,” and “uni”