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Language Arts: Mrs. Garcia
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F451 Annotation and Highlighting Requirements

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Don’t own the book? Use sticky notes!


  • When new characters are introduced, highlight phrases that describe them. Notice the diction, imagery, details, and figurative language. Bradbury uses them to characterize these people. Notice especially for Montag, Clarisse, Mildred, Beatty, and Faber.


  • Highlight and label passages you think might represent any of the following themes or topics:



          conformity vs. individuality

          freedom of speech and the consequences of losing it

          personal interaction

          the concept of happiness

          the importance of remembering and understanding history

          machines as helpers to humans, machines as hindrances or enemies


  • Highlight and label passages talk about or show the image of Montag’s hands.


  • Highlight and label passages that relate to “The Allegory of the Cave”


  • Highlight and label passages suggesting the symbolism of mirrors


  • Use brackets, checks, stars, bullets, or asterisks to mark very important items or things you want to come back to later.



At the beginning of each class, I will check your novels and will take a grade each day. The grades will be averaged together to equal 50 percent of one major grade. The other 50 percent will be from the Reading Journal (see other side).







60 or Below

Most of the pages in the text demonstrate the care of marking and labeling. Marks show a thinking, active reader (most highlighting and annotation tips are used by the reader).

Many of the pages in the text have some sort of markings on them, but the extent is not as careful or considered as a “100” score.  Evidence of active reading is still present.

Many of the pages have marks, but these are sparing (lots of underlining but very little circling of words and very little labeling, for example).  Evidence of a somewhat active reader is still present.

Some of the pages have marks, but these are sparing—marks may even seem arbitrary.  Little evidence of an active reader is present.

Few of the pages have sparing marks, showing the absence of an active reader.  In the case of no marks, the student shall receive a zero.