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Language Arts: Mrs. Garcia
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LA 8H: 3rd Nine Weeks Syllabus

3rd 9 Weeks






Jan 2












5 A

   Review fall final

  Review subordinate clauses

   Lit. terms pretest

   HW: (1) Subordinate clause handout (2) Get syllabus signed

6 B


9 A

   Sentence types

  Ethos, pathos, and logos

   HW: L.N.: all on p. 151; all on p. 155; all on p. 161

10 B


11 A

   Sentence types

  Ethos, pathos, and logos in “I Have a Dream”

   HW: “Mono” vocab. sentences

12 B


13 A

   Sentence types

  portfolio work

  Lit. terms groups

   HW: Lit. term group assignment (handout)



MLK Holiday


17 B

Shortened schedule: TAKS field test


18 A

   Fragments and run-ons

  Lit. term group

   HW: (1) L.N.: all on pp. 28-29 (2) Prepare for lit. term group presentation

19 B


20 A

   Lit. Term group presentations

   HW: “Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-complex sentences” p. 166 in Degen

23 B


24 A

   Fragments and run-ons

  finish presentations (if needed)

  Review sentence types and Lit. terms

   HW: (1) Study for test (2) Get progress report signed

25 B


26 A

   Sentence structure and Literary Terms test

  Diction: connotation

   HW: Work on vocabulary poster

27 B


30 A

   Adverb subordinate clauses

  Performance poetry

   HW: Complete vocabulary poster (quiz)

31 B


FEB 1 A        HALF DAY

   Vocabulary poster due

  Introduce TP-CASTT: “Janet Waking”

   HW: Choose one poem from pp. 12-13 of poetry packet and paraphrase each line and write down two discussion q’s

2 B


3 A

   Discussion groups for selected poem

  Connotation: “There is no frigate like a book” and “Cross”

   HW: TP-CASTT handout for selected poem

6 B


7 A

   Adverb subordinate clauses

  Imagery: “Sympathy” and “Blackberry Picking”

   HW: Degen - p. 162 "Sentence Combining with ADVSC" do EVENS

8 B


9 A

   Adverb subordinate clauses

  Metaphor: “The Road Not Taken” and “Mother to Son”

   HW: Dialectical journal/outline for selected poem

10 B


13 A

   Adjective subordinate clauses

  Simile: “Harlem

  Harlem” paragraph building

   HW: ADVSC + ADJSC handout

14 B


15 A

   Symbolism: “The Secret Heart” and “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

   HW: (1) Rough Draft of poetry expository paragraph (SKIP LINES!) (2) Get progress report signed

16 B




Observance of President’s Day


20 A

   Adjective Subordinate clauses

  Peer edit paragraphs

  Tone: “Apparently with no surprise”

   HW: (1)Read “Do Not Weep Maiden” on p. 11 of poetry packet. (2) On a separate sheet of paper, paraphrase the poem and write down two discussion q’s



22 A

   Noun subordinate clauses

  Discuss “Do Not Weep Maiden”

   HW: NSC handout

23 B


24 A

   Noun subordinate clauses

  Begin poetry groups

   HW: Final draft of Poetry Expository Paragraph

27 B


28 A

   Final draft of Poetry Expository Paragraph DUE (major grade)

  Poetry groups

   HW: Prepare for presentation



2 A

   Poetry group presentations

   HW: Read “Root Cellar”  on p. 12 of poetry packet and answer q’s

3 B


6 A

   Review poetry and literary terms

   HW: Study for test

7 B


8 A

   Poetry test

  Dead Poet’s Society

9 B


10 A

Dead Poet’s Society

 Major Grades :

Clauses,run ons, fragments, and lit. terms test

Poetry Expository Paragraph

Poetry test

Quiz Grades:                                                                            

Literary Term group presentations                                 

Vocabulary Poster                                                                                 

Rough draft of poetry expository paragraph                                

Poetry group presentations


Everyday you should bring the following to class whether we use the book or not:

(1 Language Network workbook

(2) Crafting Expository Argument by Michael Degen

(3) Poetry Packet (a packet I will give you when we start the poetry unit)